Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm getting tired..tired of everything..tired of sch, tired of exams, tired of wad i'm doin in my life. i desperately need a environment change now!! right now! ok, maybe i'm not tired wif hanging out wif church mates, coz there's no pressure at all.

I juz wanna finish up my degree now, and be done wif it once and for all. sometimes, i wished i hadnt chose this path, maybe i should have stayed in Ngee Ann poly, maybe life would be more comfortable there. hai.. sch life is a total mess. work load is always alot, lots of tests and exams to study for...if any of u out there think i'm leading a very free life....u r half right, coz i'm a lazy boy and don do my stuff till the very last min, so it may seem to u i'm very free all the time.

My sch grades...one word to describe them, shameful...they totally suck. i'll probably do part time work and take another degree, a more concentrated one this time and make sure i do well.

TeamBuffalo. my sch soccer team. it's never easy to play wif older people. i feel the pressure. i love soccer, but this amount of committment i gotta put in for the team sometimes limits my social life. Trainings on tues, and matches on sats. my whole sat is practically gone... plus, i should never hav told the captain i was a defender. mistakes that i made in the past puts more pressure on me when i play now. the reason i opted to tell him i was a defender was becoz i thought i could be a first team player. but now, i screw things up even more..lack of confidence and mistakes sends me straight to the bench to be a bench warmer...i should hav confessed i was a midfielder, someone who likes going forward and create offence, then i could take on less speedy players. now dat i'm a defender, i take on strikers, which is worse.. my knee and foot injury affects my agility and clearance..and i dont hav the speed to catch defenders.. u may say a gd defender doesnt need alot of pace, but...i'm not a defender to begin wif.

Anyway..woke up at 1130 today, the weather was so darn gd for slping. called kaisong and he was still in bed, that proved the weather was really gd. haha. he came over to take bus wif me from my place to IMM to meet cong kai. guess wad we saw on our way to the bus-stop...salon girls..i don know why, but i juz feel comfortable wif them, it's as if i can confide in them.

Had lunch at some expensive Hong Kong eating house wif the both of them..damn it man, waste of money, serving was little and it costs so much already. walked around, shopped for clothes, bought them, and home-d after dat.

ok, no more to say for now...this post is long enough..haha.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

It's almost been a month since i blogged...cobwebs have formed, ants have built their nest and lizards have had their grandchildren.

Every week has been juz exams in sch, sometimes plus some assignments or projects. IT'S DAMN BORING AND STRESSFUL...not much social life, not much freedom, not much enjoyment, and LOTS OF WORRIES only every week, once a paper is done, gotta think abt when to start to studying for the next one, and how much time it'll take me, how much is there to study...the whole timetable sucks...only 2 weeks of break and have to start summer sch already.

Cant remember what happen over the past month.. it's been almost a month since i played for my UB team coz i was recovering from a foot injury...juz went i felt better and had a soccer match on the court wif the rest of the buffalo team, i fell stupidly and got myself even more injured...how dumb can i get? hai..i wont get much chances to represent the buffalos...and tmr we're suppose to play in front of the coach, my chance to try to impress but i'm out injured again.. it's %$^^$&$%#@# irritating. will have to wait another 1-2 weeks before i can fully recover.

Other than sch exams, sch projects, sch soccer team, my stupid fall, i cant really remember what happen, must be too stressed up dats why..haha.. time spent wif church frens are also gd, hmm, let me think whether i can remember.. went out of the days wif mel and her sch frens, studied wif congkai a few times which was quite productive, mm, studied wif kaisong yesterday and had a big dinner feast wif him, and and and many more events during march which i now cant recall.

TODAY....got back my 2 coms quiz..both 4/10...damn it..have to drop both of the quizzes..this means i must do well for the remaining quizzes....and also LAW TEST today...it wasnt too bad, but wasnt dat fantastic either..i brought my whole belt of smoke bombs and tried to smoke my way through...randomly citing cases from the textbk, and writing a whole lot of bullshit in a reasonably neat handwriting.

Met up wif geraldine at ikea for a hotdog before heading down to hp to get her laptop repaired. It's gonna take 3 days or more..lol..means she's gonna be bored to death at home. Went back to ikea again for dinner at the cafeteria and headed back home after dat.

On my way home, i saw the hot and pretty lady dat i sometimes meet at the bus stop in the morning when i got for my morning classes, and since i'm free tonight, i decided to stalk and see whether she lives up the moutain like i do or stay at the foot of the mountain.. And as i was stalking her, i kept chanting in my heart " up, up, up".....haha..and true enough she lives on the mountain top..wohoo! next step would be to find out more abt her, of coz, in my own special method. There're another 2 ladies who r also pretty and hot and it's also time to find out where they live...wahahhaha...dats what i love abt morning classes...u get to meet all the gorgeous ladies at the bus stop! :D

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Some times things go our way, sometimes things do not.. Law exam on wed wasnt gd AGAIN. Got back my Ntr and MGO results, MGO wasnt the best, but still acceptable, NTR needs a little brushing up but overall wasnt too disappointed wif them.

Went over to ben's place to do Native Sun project on thursday and sat around for awhile. FRIDAY WAS AN EXCELLENT DAY! FINALLY WENT BACK TO AIA FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 3 MONTHS!! OMGOSH, I MISS EVERYONE THERE! it felt really gd to see everyone once again. The most important thing was to see Joyce again, the lady who's giving me alot of hopes if i join her. i'm allowed to follow her to meet cilents and at the same time learn from her, and when she retires, she wants to pass me all her cilents!! but..all these will hav to wait for after army. i'm glad she really puts so much hope in me.

That, was highlight number 1 for yesterday. Second highlight was...KAROL and ZHENLIN..geez, i miss those 2 pretty secretaries alot too! i cant get to see them as frequent as ever :(

oh, btw, cong kai's working in my place now, hope he does as well and gives his best for joyce and sheila. Ks, came over too and me, him, cong kai, and the 2 beauties had dinner together at......some HK eating place at cine..cant remember the name, hahaha. We had a great time, and it was a really gd chance for me to catch up wif them, haha.

TODAY!!....DAMN MANCHESTER UNITED!! liverpool outplayed them and they still managed to pull off a victory. i was so frustrated dat i stormed off and went straight home. Sry, yy, ck and ks dat i dint say bye whn i left...was fucking unhappy wif the scoreline. argh!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Life is getting tough..i failed MGS exam and i failed law test..not by a bit but they were bad failures, hai. luckily i worked harder for NTR and MGO and managed to feel better after both exams last last week. Mm, had one week holiday during the chinese new yr week and i guess i squadered it away like how i always squander away my holidays. nth productive done, nth meaningful...

Oh, i collected $300 worth of red packet money..it's not dat much but it's reasonable. I SHALL CONTRIBUTE ONE TENTH OF IT TO THE CHURCH BUILDING FUND. ARENT I A GD BOY? HAHA.. and take out 20 dollars for self consumption and put the rest in the bank.

After that one week of break, i realised i got tons and tons of sch work to be done. i'm so damn screwed. i rushed my com 217 paper which was finally handed in yesterday, i've got the stinking Law Exam tmr, MGO project which i havent touched which needs to be completed by thursday night and NTR lab work due on Friday. ARGH!! i'm so stressed up! and it's all my own fault for procrastinating..argh!!!!!

Today was....a better day. at least i studied quite a bit. Woke up in the morning and headed to sch to study wif ben and john in the library. It's gd to study wif frens, they can help u clarify ur doubts. SO WE STUDIED FROM 11 IN THE MORNING TILL 8PM IN THE NIGHT!! omgosh, i cant believe i lasted till 8pm. but by 8, i was totally knocked out, my brain couldnt take all the law crap anymore, so time to go home..

Juz when i thought my day was all over and it was time to retire...I SAW TRACY ALL BY HER LONESOME SELF IN THE SALON. so i decided to pop by to say hi. So i said hi, watch some tv, watch her count her plentiful money, watch her sweep the floor, wanted to help but she said it was alright.. dan she asked whether i had my dinner yet, and a sudden thought came to my mind.. I CAN HAV DINNER WIF HER...cool stuff.. she wanted to go queensway mac to hav dinner..darn it! i'm so so so tired and she don wanna hav dinner at the hawker center..so we took a long and slow walk all the way to queensway. I SO LOVE MAKING FRENS WIF OLDER LADIES..wad's more, she's married wif a 3 yr old kid..If she was 15 yrs younger, i certainly would go for her, she's such a nice nice lady. Hmm, she's 33 now, i think still can la...hahaha..anyway, tried some tricks while walking, tried some tricks over the dining table but, my eyes r kinda tired, so not much magic shown tonight..haha..i'll try harder if any other opportunity comes along :P wahaha!

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Monday, February 12, 2007

This semester of sch certainly sucks badly..everything is bad except for the timetable. Even though i don need to go to sch on tues and thurs, and spend abt only 3 hrs each on mon, wed and fri...there's online modules to disturb me!! argh!! hav to watch lecture videos, hav to ownself print the slides and all dat stuff..sometimes i wished they werent online modules. i'm extremyl ill disciplined, my consistency of studying is 0, no consistency at all. i can be hardworking for 3 days and slack off for 1 whole freaking month!

My memory's getting bad also.. i cant remember things as well as i could. For eg. right now!! i'm trying extremly hard to recall the past week's events. Hmm, i remember i was very very sick last fri, sat and sun.. monday i skipped sch. tue no sch, wed had business law test, thurs no sch and fri normal day at sch..did i go out during any of those days? damn it..i cant remember!

Soccer on sat for my uni team was a disaster for me..i played in central defence and i screwed up the moment the opponents attacked..a long ball came, i hesitate and waited for the ball to bounce..the indian striker outpaced, out muscled me and scored..&&^$^#*%$&$...i juz came off the bench and i had to suffer such a bad bad start..i feel so so so bad coz we were 1-0 up. The rest of my participation wasnt impactful either. I FELL ON MY TAILBONE..and couldnt get up for abt 2 mins. i got terrorized by the pacy and skillful strikers and my little boy confidence in the team was totally shaken. However, it's a gd experience to play wif older ppl. u learn alot and ''feel'' alot. i hope i'll do better for the next match.

Back to irritatin sch..this week's really bad. MGS exam, 2 coms tests, 1 EQS test, NTR and MGO exam.. screwed today's MGS exam already..hoping for the best for NTR and MGO on friday.

perhaps i should move on?

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's been long time since i blogged.. so let me slowly recall wad happen durin the past week. Hmm, nth very eventful for last week's weekdays coz i cant remember! haha..but i made my debut for my sch soccer team on sat morning! i came on as a substitute abt 10-15 mins before the first half ended, playing at the left back position and requested for a sub out 15 mins before the full game ended. hai, same thing again, stamina problem.. we lost 1-0 to the opposition but it's ok la, all the games now r friendly matches, we havent entered the league games yet, so i got some more time to work on my fitness.

Went home after the match, rested a while before meeting up wif ben chen and my other church frens to watch singapore and malaysia match. the match ended at 1-1 and it went into extra time and eventually the winner had to be decided through penalties..wahahha..malaysia lost!! i love watching matches at the stadium, the atmosphere is super super high and gd. my fav part was when singapore equalise and the part when we won it. the roaring of the fans was super loud!

This week's ok so far. Went to ben's house on monday to do work and paly ping pong. Ck came over yesterday to do work, play dota, go queensway, and hang out at my place. Mm, and yesterday!! Singapore and Thailand match! We reached the stadium at abt 5 plus to get the best seats! the sun was super hot but it paid off as we could choose wherever we wanted to sit. The match was quite interesting with both sides going close a few times but the thai players went down too easily and the singapore crowd was booing them. To hell wif them man, play like girls...We punished them wif a goal and again, the stadium roared. i so love it when singapore scores.. The girls equalised a few mins into the second half. darn them.. Singapore had a penalty claim and the referee gave it to us. the cheers were loud, but the thai players were unhappy wif the decision and walked out of the pitch for 15 mins..screw them! throughout the 15 mins, singapore fans were all cursing and swearing.. :D nice scene..haha..

Eventually,we got the penalty and the roars were even louder dan when we scored the first goal..thai fans were bombarded throughout the whole match and i can see the worst for singapore fans who r travelling to thailand this sunday to watch the second leg of the finals. Anyway, i hope singapore will do well and clinch the trophy for the second time in a row :)

Hai, abt my sch life. i hav nth much to say except dat i don really like online modules. Not goin to sch makes me lazier and so i don watch my online lectures, don check the sch portal often. Everything is just sucky..i want to end my course soon. i need a break from studies..

pls...don leave me

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Went for a 9am to 10am class this morning. Nth was taught and i was feeling a little tired from a late night so i went home after dat, skipping COM217 lecture in the afternoon. Thanks Ben for fetching me to clementi! save me travelling time and one trip. Went home for lunch and napped for a while before meeting Ben again at 4 to take a walk around queensway. Saw some nice stuff, but we couldnt buy today, and it's the same old reason..not enough money..haha. Met John and his gf at kap for a small meal dan went for toastmasters! As usual, toastmasters meeting is always fun! haha. don wanna elaborate too much, i cant think of how to organize it.

Hmm, since this post is so short, i shall briefly recall wad happen during the weekend. Sat, Sat, Sat, i'm trying super hard to think abt wad i did....ok, i remember. i woke up late as usual, studied a while, napped after lunch, woke up, study a short while, dan went to queensway to meet yy, ervine and ck! Ck bought some stuff, while me and yy juz watch on. Went over to ck's place to study for a short while before we ordered KFC! it's so nice to feast wif ur brothers, the feeling's great. haha. Watched liverpool match in the night wif them..and they won noob chelsea 2-0! wahaha! go home noobs!

Sunday was so-s0. Got a kick start to a new stage of my life. i hope it's gonna be interesting and learn much more abt God's word. Had lunch at BK dan went to queensway to walk walk..

i realised i'm goin to queensway everyday! Sat, Sun, and Today! and i'm goin again on wed i think.haha

Tmr is stay home day! no sch at all..gonna try to study and at the same time do some exercise to get back fitness! Ben asked me to join SIM-UB soccer team, but i know im' not dat ready yet. Stamina problem, and prone to injuries.. it's so irritating to get a fresh injury every match. So, i will train up a bit, stay free from injuries and see whether i can force my way into the team..

K, that's all for this post, it's long enough :)

I really really adore u
I wished u could be in my arms
I need u, i want u...

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